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Pradhe logo is made possible thanks to "Bolt Cutter Design-Industrial Strength".
"Idolatry" and "Swallow the sould" singles and associated "Voided Shells" EP cover arts are based on the great job of Pedro Ribeiro Simões, who taken a great photo of the original job from Maurits Cornelis Escher - Plane Filling II (1957).


Pradhe is an italian one-man-band founded in 2022 by Matteo Nunziati a quite old metalhead (born in 1979).
The band reference genre is melodic death metal coming mostly from north European bands. Some influence is also provided by english goth/doom acts like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride.
Despite the reference bands Pradhe sound is still raw, mostly due to the really immature phase of the band (aka we try but we fail :D).